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Concerts and photos

So I got a brand new Canon 500D. Awesome. Now I have to practice and take photos. It seems so easy to press the shutter and have a beautiful image. But believe me, there are other things we may have to know before pretending to take some acceptable photos.

I will post here some of mine. I sincerely hope that we will see improvements in some later posts...

Here are 2 photos from a concert at Le Point Ephémère, in Paris. The first part was Transfer, followed by the amazing Esben and the witch.

Concert halls are very dark, with few very bright parts (under the spot lights). People on stage move constantly. As a noob, I don't know how to take a good photo in such bad conditions. I think I have to choose a very large aperture (to catch all the light available) and a very small exposure (to avoid fuzziness). But there must be something else because all my pictures are noisy in the dark parts.

You can find more of my pictures of Transfer and Esben and the witch on my Flickr account.

But if you really want some great concert photos, Robert Gil is your man. He took some of Esben, check out this guy's work. I see him at every concert I go to and he's awesome.