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Away we go to tag

We went to see Away We Go. It was a good movie. Showing the joy and the sadness to be a familly, to have kids, to be in love with somebody. And the soundtrack is huge!

On our way home, we met Nicolas.

Nicolas is in love with Elsa. Elsa comes back from Lyon tomorrow, and tomorrow, Nicolas wants to be sure Elsa knows about his feelings for her. So we found him painting the wall in front of her window. And we helped him complete his work by putting stickers in the shape of letters.

Look at our first tag! Our first work of art!

Pete dit

le Mercredi 18 novembre 2009 à 14h02

drôle. ya quoi sur les stickers ? on voit rien sur ton image.

Meuble dit

le Mercredi 18 novembre 2009 à 15h03

Ce sont des stickers d'handicap Internationnal ou un truc du genre.

Shirmette dit

le Dimanche 22 novembre 2009 à 21h09

une ptite anecdote qui donne le sourire... dmg qu'elle soit en Anglais...

Meuble dit

le Lundi 30 novembre 2009 à 22h10

Shirmette : C'est bien l'anglais, ça fait travailler...